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XYZ Music Academy

Hello and welcome to XYZ Music Academy. 

We provide high-quality music tuition across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties in both private and school-based scenarios. Whether you’re a novice or a professional musician, XYZ has something on offer for all ages and abilities. Please take the time to browse through our website to learn more about us and the service we have to offer.



Come and learn with us at our private centre in a one to one or group format.


Come and learn with us during school time through our network of primary and secondary schools.


Join our online network to gain access to our fun and affordable range of courses.



We are a public exam centre for Trinity Rock & Pop


We offer a multitude of workshops to keep students engaged during the school holidays!


We offer regular opportunities for students to perform and make the most of the efforts put into their studies!

Why XYZ?


Our team comes from all walks of life, all of which we embrace to provide a broad perspective on each instrument and the world of music.


XYZ Have some of the best facilities in the country. Don’t believe us? Visit yourself! Tuition, Rehearsal, Recording? It’s all possible here.


Feel like you and your tutor’s music style don’t align? have a chat with our ever-growing team to see if their is someone to fit your style.

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XYZ Studio

Need to rehearse or record? We’ve got you covered.

At competitive prices, our excellent equipment; experienced, friendly and passionate engineers, musicians, producers and videographers can cater to all music, sound, and video projects.
Alongside this, the studio acts as a rehearsal space for local artists to come in and hone their skills. With four fully functional rehearsal spaces, all types of artists are welcome.

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