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Hello XYZ’ers!

I can’t even begin to tell you how manic the last few months have been on a personal and business level! Things have finally settled down and it’s now time to update you with our latest progress.

Now that our second location above the Aylesbury Music location has opened, it’s time to give our online presence a face lift with several new websites coming into existence. As XYZ grows it’s becoming more apparent that there are several entity’s to what we do as a company.¬†We’ve tried to make everything as simple as possible to make everything we do more focused to more relevant audiences. Here is a quick run down of what we do:

  • Private tuition across two locations in Aylesbury and Westcott
  • Peripatetic lessons across 8 schools in Buckinghamshire
  • A dual rehearsal room complex with locker rental for musicians
  • A state of the art recording studio for both visual and audio based production
  • Function band hire for corporate events and weddings.

The new music academy website is just the beginning and we are extremely excited to have you on board with us as we begin to make some great progress on our journey.

On top of the refurb and expansions we have also acquired some new staff members who will be popping up on the website in due course. One area to bring focus on is that we can now offer Piano tuition 5 days a week at both of our private locations. I’m extremely excited to share some of our latest tutor content to show you what our guys can do! Another thing that we will start doing is posting video updates as looooong newsletters and blog posts can be time consuming for you. In the age we live in videos can be more to the point and don’t cause too much information overload (plus I don’t have to worry about my punctuation and grammar…).

Anyway I will be in touch with more details soon but wanted to let you all know that we are still going strong!

Speak soon,




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