Hello Everyone, 

During the pandemic, XYZ was hit hard by COVID on the teaching front. In the meantime, we all put our heads together and started building a course that aims to benefit the UK’s primary music education provision. 

After over 3 years of solid work in planning, filming, editing, and teaching with the resource, we are now in the final stages of completing our new learning platform XYZ PRiME. No, it’s nothing to do with Amazon….

PRiME stands for

Primary Restoration in Music Education.

Recent statistics suggest that over 50% of primary schools can no longer afford to have music specialist teachers deliver the national music curriculum. This means that classroom teachers (often non-musicians) are expected to deliver the subject. With OFSTED’s focus being elsewhere on academic subjects for the past few years, we have watched the subject of music dwindle and become a lesser priority. In recent months OFSTED has now switched their focus back towards the arts and are deep diving into primary music provisions. With the release of the government’s new ‘model music curriculum,’ we have made sure PRiME covers it all to put primary schools at ease on this subject. The product will equip both specialist and non-specialist teachers to deliver the subject in its full glory. 

Keep an eye on us as we aim to launch the full product in April 2022. 

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