Tyler is going on maternity leave

It’s not too long to go now before Tyler will be taking maternity leave and she has left you all a message

I can’t quite believe the time for me to go on maternity leave has nearly arrived but myself and Luke are very excited for our little bundle of joy to finally be here and for us to step into the next chapter of our lives… Parenthood!

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your continued hard work this term, I feel so proud to have seen the progress you have all made as individuals and musicians – Being a tutor to so many amazing students, as well as being a part of such a brilliant and talented team at XYZ really is rewarding. I am definitely going to miss you all during my time off but I am confident you will continue to flourish under the guidance of my colleagues. 
The past few months have been a whirlwind and challenging at times, with the last few weeks being particularly emotional. Myself and Luke would like to thank my students, colleagues, and parents for all the support, kindness, and understanding you have shown us throughout our pregnancy, we cannot stress enough how grateful we are for all the lovely messages and well wishes. 

Please make sure you all keep in touch – I’d love to hear of any exciting new ventures in the pipeline or just to catch up on anything and everything! And don’t worry… I’ll be sure to inform you all when the baby decides to make her debut. 
Look forward to seeing you in the new academic year. 
Tyler, Luke & Bump x 

We wish Tyler all the love and happiness on her maternity leave and cannot wait to meet her baby very soon!

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