We want YOU to perform at our Festival!

The planning stage is well underway for the XYZ Festival on Sunday the 8th of July 2018.

We encourage all students to get involved in some form or another as it is a great way to celebrate the student’s achievements across the academic year. Be sure to let your tutor know if you would like to perform and we will get you added to the roster.

Each full-time tutor at XYZ will be hosting their own concert. It’s very gratifying to be able to do this now that the Academy has grown so nicely. The hosts of the 6 concerts will be:

  • Duncan Lee
  • Michael Lee
  • Richard Wainwright
  • Max Gedny
  • Seb James
  • Josh Redgard-Siler

Each concert time will be announced shortly along with various other attractions. If you’re an XYZ student and have a band or solo act that you would like to perform, then please get in touch. There will be a band stage active between each tutor concert.

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