Wishing Luc all the best in the future!

Luc Pomfret has made the decision to move on from XYZ at the end of October 2021. 

Here’s a word from Luc on his departure: 

I have had an amazing 3 years here at XYZ and the experience I have gained has helped me in so many ways. All of my students have excelled incredibly and I am extremely proud for all they have done and the hours of practice that has been put in to play their instrument. It is truly inspiring to see my students return after a week of practice and leave me with a smile when they play something they have worked so hard on to a high standard. All of the staff here are so welcoming and full of life, creativity and passion and it’s a truly inspiring place to work and I am very fortunate to have spent years of my life surrounded by such talented individuals that have helped me grow as a teacher, engineer, video editor and so much more. I wish for a happy future for XYZ and all of my students.

Everyone at XYZ wishes Luc all the best in the future with his many exciting endeavors.

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