XYZ’s COVID19 Contingency Plan

As this virus continues to spread physically and verbally we have found ourselves having to prepare for the worst-case scenario. The reality is that if schools close, this poses a big threat to the livelihood of XYZ and our clientele. It’s crucial that we are able to continue business as normal in both of our private centres and within our peripatetic network. 

We would encourage all private students to continue to visit us at both Westcott and Aylesbury. We will ensure all hygiene measures are taken to reduce the risks of contamination. We would also like to invite all peripatetic students that learn with us in schools to come and visit us at these centres also. Failing this, we will be hosting lessons via skype to dramatically reduce the need for face to face lessons when the virus is at large. 

Should the schools close, we will look to roll this contingency out immediately in order to ensure all lessons are delivered as promised. 

In the meantime, all XYZ tutors will be taking necessary precautions to reduce risks of catching and spreading the virus. 

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