Guitar Crash Course

This is the perfect opportunity for guitarists to jump feet first into a jam-packed week of guitar-related activities!

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The guitar crash course has been trialed and tested to make sure it consists of all of the core topics a guitarist needs to know in the modern day music industry. These topics include:

Market awareness:

The students will do research into many different ways guitarists can carve a career for themselves in the music industry. One area we will look at in particular is the online guitar industry. Studying Youtube guitarists will help to give students an insight on how to present themselves and to create an online following.

How to study pieces of music effectively:

Knowing how to break down music quickly and effectively will assist guitarists in learning pieces in preparation for gigs and session work. This will also come in handy for the students in the workshop as they will be required to film and record a guitar cover of their choice.

Guitar maintenance:

Knowing how a guitar works is essential for making the most out of the instrument. This part of the workshop will include a lesson on all the parts of the guitar and how they contribute to the overall sound, there will also be a segment on learning how to change guitar strings as well as tuning them as well. On top of learning about the guitar itself it’s also important to learn about amp and pedal settings as well to be versatile.

Studio knowledge:

A basic foundation of knowledge in studio technology goes a long way for a working musician. This will assist musicians when composing with other musicians.

Video editing software:

Being able to edit videos will help drummers in the process of marketing themselves in an effective way. This is a transferable skill that can only benefit students in today’s online marketplace.

The Studio Environment:

Knowing how to approach any studio session with a professional attitude is extremely important when it comes to building a strong portfolio with repeat business and gleaming testimonials.


Duration: 3 Days
Times: 10am – 4pm
Price: £120 per student
Age Limit: 8 – 16 yrs
Spaces: 5 – 10
Abilities: All abilities welcome.

An insight into the world of online guitarists

Studying + preparing a piece to perform later on in the workshop.
Guitar parts tutorial + String changing and tuning tutorial. Study of amp and pedal settings.
Setting up for recording session. Learn about microphones and ways in which the mic up an acoustic guitar as well as an amplifier for electric guitarists.
Performance filming.
Performance mixing and editing.


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