An Old Claim To Fame!

After a very random turn of events, some of you may have seen me on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ during Tyson Fury’s interview on the subject of Mental Health and the release of his new book. Several days before the interview, I was contacted via the XYZ office because of my amateur boxing career. Going back 14 years I was a 16 year old boxer weighing above 97kg. I qualified into the ‘super heavyweight’ division which enabled me to fight a not so huge choice of just 2 opponents in the entire of the UK. Fortunately I won my first fight which was a great start to my mini boxing career. My second fight happened to be against the soon to be world champion Tyson Fury who was making his debut fight to what would be an incredible career in boxing. Having lost to Tyson Fury and with school pressures at the time, I decided to end my very short and what seemed an insignificant career in boxing. Having got back in touch with ITV they asked me if I would record a short message to Tyson to be played on air to wish him well. I jumped at the opportunity as the subject of his book on mental health means a lot to me especially in the line of work I am in now. While I may just be a ‘music teacher’, you would be amazed on just how much you can achieve in this subject which goes beyond just learning and playing music. 

To see the interview with Tyson click on the link: 

To see a 16 year old me fighting Tyson Fury, click on this link: 

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