Band Course coming soon!

I want to take this opportunity to put the feelers out to see if students and parents would be interested if we were to run regular band classes? 

The majority of the XYZ Team are multi-instrumentalists. Because of this, they are very effective at running bands and speaking the languages of each type of musician.  

We plan to launch these classes in September 2021 (COVID depending).

We are mentioning this club so far in advance because it will take a while to line up all of the bands. We will be opening 6 band slots. This means that there will only be 6 places for each instrument. This is unlike our resident Band Experience workshop. This is something that will run on a weekly basis for students who are passionate about forming a comradery with other like minded musicians. From here, we will look to promote regular opportunities to perform. There is also scope to participate in band gradings. 

We are beginning to formulate the line ups. Please submit your interest to so we can begin to assign each student to an appropriate band.  

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  1. Hello. My son Orry Moore plays guitar and has had lessons with you in the past and done some of your rock and funk workshops. He would love to join band classes. If it’s possible to reserve a guitar slot for him that would be great. Thanks Catherine

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