Hearing protection for musicians

Hearing protection for musicians

XYZ has always emphasised the use of hearing protection when teaching music lessons (especially the drums). Those of you who visit us at Westcott would have noticed the yellow ear defenders hanging from the walls. Those of you who visit us at Aylesbury Music will have noticed that we use silent skins and cymbals on our kits. Those of you who learn drums peripatetically will have noticed that the starter packs contain ear plugs. In case you didn’t get the hint, we really want to make sure that you all use some form of hearing protection. I think I can speak on behalf of all of the XYZ staff to say that it will make a difference in the long term. My usual teaching routine consists of at least 30 hours of excessive volumes. I wear protection to avoid the development of a condition called tinnitus. For those of you who are unaware on what this is, it’s a very high pitched noise which rings in your ears intermittently. For some, this can be debilitating by affecting sleep patterns and general quality of hearing.

I was kindly reminded of this topic by a parent from XYZ who very kindly did some research on the topic. If you are looking to invest in your hearing protection then please get in touch for advice on the different types of hearing protection. Please also check out the following table;

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