Introducing ‘live’ timetables to our peripatetic student network

Over the next few weeks, we are going to roll out a new system for keeping all of our peripatetic students (in school) up-to-date on when their lessons take place.

Our current issue is that the timetables are regularly updated and because of this, we need to download a new PDF and re-send to parents. On occasion this has resulted in parents receiving half a dozen copies of the timetable within 1-2 days. I can only imagine how annoying this must be! But up until now, this has been completely necessary for us to keep you informed of lesson time changes.

The Solution:

Due to the powers of google suite, we will now be introducing ‘live timetables’. I use this term because we will set up calendar reminders for all peripatetic students which gives the students 72 hours notice of the lesson day. We will also attach a copy of the timetable to this calendar appointment. This attachment will still effectively be attached to our google drive, so if we update the timetable, you are instantly updated without XYZ filling your inbox with attachments. You will simply be prompted via google calendar reminders to check the timetable.

I hope this solution proves to be effective and hopefully less confusing. Keep your eyes peeled for this over the coming weeks.

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