Mental Health Blog Staying strong during the COVID-19 lockdown:

In tandem with the XYZ mental health blog, I wanted to reach out to our student base and help all students stay motivated during the lockdown. Boredom and depression can begin to set in, but there are so many positives to take from this current situation. One of the most important qualities to have is flexibility in your lifestyle. Some of us (including myself) freak out when something doesn’t go exactly as planned. Let’s be honest, no one had planned for a world pandemic right?

Here’s a quick video with a few tips on how to be productive with your time to give back the control which most of us crave in our day to day lifestyle: 

Episode 1: 

  1. List the 5 most important things to you in your lifestyle.
  2. Set targets based on your lifestyle priorities. 
  3. Learn to make appointments with yourself and be disciplined. 
  4. Create your own schedule to give you structure in your day to day routine. 
  5. Schedule time to be social with friends. 

Details on each point are here in this video:

1 thought on “Mental Health Blog Staying strong during the COVID-19 lockdown:”

  1. MR Andrew Francis Fitzsimmons

    Well done Duncan for keeping things rolling as a Team Best you can anyway! I’m sure this video will help
    Some students with perspective respectfully, keep up the Good work. I have been encouraging Casey to go on bike rides. Staying positive is not always easy as you know but must be encouraged and prompted. Thank you So much.

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