New learning opportunities at XYZ!

Over the next few months, you will witness the launch of several new learning opportunities from XYZ. These include:

Band Classes: 
Take the opportunity to be mentored by one of our multi-instrumentalist teachers on how to be in a band. This course covers a plethora of topics all of which help to form a team of musicians that are ready to take on pivotal moments together such as rehearsing, writing their own songs and playing their first gig. All candidates will need to go through an auditioning process in order to take one of the limited places on this course. We are all very excited to see the bands in action!

Music Tech Classes:  Knowing about the music tech side of the industry is an incredibly helpful tool for all musicians. This course aims to give students a general working knowledge with the long term aim of enabling students to compose, record and run live sound for events.

Video Editing Classes: Being a musician in a world where you need to be seen as well as heard means that we also need a working knowledge in the world of video editing. This course aims to show students the basics behind video editing. The long term goal is to enable students to self-sufficient when it comes to generating content for their own projects. The video editing also ties in nicely with the music production side of music. Having both of these skills together is a powerful tool!

Music Theory Classes: Any student choosing to study Music at GCSE or A level knows the challenges of grasping the theory concepts. We offer this course to allow students of all abilities to boost their understanding of music theory. These classes run in both group and one to one settings. All students are treated as individuals and set tasks based on their existing understanding of Music theory. 

 If you are interested in any of these courses then please get in touch to express your interest

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