Student Jam Night!

The student jam night has been building momentum over the last 6-7 weeks. Various students have plucked up the courage to jump on stage – much to their benefit in confidence building as a musician and performer. Here’s a quick reminder of the details:

Day: Thursdays
Times: 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue: ‘Shoot’ Music Venue, Aylesbury Town Centre
Jam Night Host: Seb James (resident XYZ Guitar Tutor)

We also want to dispel any preconceptions of the venue in which the jam night is held. This venue is very well presented and isn’t your stereotypical ‘pub’. People come to watch and appreciate the music. Students play to a supportive crowd and not a bunch of ‘drunkards’. Parental advisory is recommended due to the nature of the venue but also to give you all a chance to see how much your children have progressed into their musical journey. The jam night is completely FREE and VERY beneficial to the development of a budding musician.

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