The change in tuition fees and why we have done this at a seemingly inconvenient time:

So last month, we emailed all of our clients to let them know that our tuition fees will be increasing slightly. So far, we have had a very positive response from this however I wanted to frame our reasons for doing this at what might seem to be a bad time. To be completely transparent, the COVID19 pandemic has cost the business around £40,000 worth of turnover in the last 5 months. For a business as small as XYZ, this is quite a strain. I am proud that we managed not to furlough staff or make anyone redundant as this would have killed the momentum of where we are trying to go with our long term vision. The increase was planned previously, however it is now more necessary than ever for the survival of our business. I have made some very large financial sacrifices personally in order to keep the business afloat and for everyone to be paid on time. Please don’t see this as a virtual middle finger to those of you that have stuck with us through the pandemic. It’s a move to keep our services open and I feel the closure of XYZ would be more of an inconvenience than a marginal increase in price.

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