The XYZ Summer Concert is here:

The XYZ summer concert is happening this weekend! If you want to come and see what our students have been getting up to then please come along! 

Tickets can be purchased here:

Food and drinks will be served throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the past academic year with us! 

Dates: Saturday the 29th of June – Sunday the 30th of June

Ticket prices: 

Adults: £5.00

Children (4-16 yrs): £2.50


Building 14, Westcott Venture Park, Westcott, HP18 0XB  

Here is the timings for each concert and who will host each session:

Saturday the 29th of June:

02:00pm:  Hosted by Tyler cartwright & Luc Pomfret 

04:00pm:  Hosted by Richard Wainwright 

06:00pm: Hosted by Duncan Lee

Sunday the 30th of June: 

12:00pm:  Hosted by Seb James 

02:00pm: Hosted by Josh Redgard-Siler

04:00pm: Hosted by Max Gedny

06:00pm: Hosted by Michael Lee

Each concert will last approximately 90 minutes to give as many students the opportunity to perform as possible. To register your interest directly, please email us on

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