Upcoming workshops this half term!

As the next half term approaches fast, we have put several workshops on to keep all of our students busy and inspired!

Rock Band Experience:

This is the perfect opportunity to give aspiring young musicians a chance to play rock and pop with others and become experienced in an ensemble environment.

More info here: https://xyzmusicacademy.com/workshops/rock-band-experience/

30th of May
31st of May

Duration: 1 day
Times: 10am – 4pm

Adult Rock Band Experience:

This workshop has been set up to focus purely on our adult students. We create a relaxed environment for everyone to learn the chosen song for the day. At the end we encourage all adults to perform the piece together, to build confidence in performance. We have had some fantastic results from this workshop so far! Please check out this video:


More info here: https://xyzmusicacademy.com/workshops/rock-band-experience-adults/

2nd of June
Duration: 1 day
Times: 10am – 4pm

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