RSL Awards Needs You!

RSL Needs You!

RSL Awards are in the process of updating their content on both their website and their books, which has presented an exciting opportunity for our students…

They will be hosting a photo day at XYZ Music Academy on Saturday 6th April – the photos will then be shortlisted to be used on RSL’s grade books!

‘Calling all Guitarists,

Bassists, and Drummers…

Rockschool needs you!

Hello there!

We here at Rockschool are currently planning the updated Rockschool Guitar, Bass, and Drums syllabuses for release later this year.

Being able to highlight achievement is something we’re proud of, and we want to showcase the myriad of different students who use the Rockschool materials.

Our new website features students who are studying RSL qualifications, and we’d like to bring this directly to our physical Rockschool products.

We’ll be holding a photoshoot at XYZ Music Academy on Saturday 6th April and we can’t wait to see you there.

If you require any further information, please contact us at

Keep rockin’,


If you study from the RSL syllabus and are interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, please do let us know! Contact either or your tutor via their email address!

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