Dream Cymbals sponsor XYZ Music Academy!

For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram (@duncanleexyz) I wanted to tell you that  XYZ Music Academy have now been sponsored by the Dream Cymbal company!


Check out their website here: https://dreamcymbals.com/


We are so grateful for this opportunity as it will help us to improve the quality of cymbals that we use in the drum booths and ultimately enrich the learning experience for students. When cymbals break, replacing them is always a difficulty for us as budgets will only allow for a certain level of cymbal. Fortunately, the deal that Dream has offered will enable us to get the best quality for a mid range price! These cymbals can be seen in the large drum studio at XYZ Westcott and we hope to have replaced all of our other cymbal sets at Westcott by the end of 2019.


How does this affect you?


  • Students will have an even better experience when playing our kits.
  • These cymbals can also be used in exams.
  • Students will be exposed to all types of cymbals including splashes, china’s and effects cymbals.
  • Students will need to keep an eye out for some great cymbal deals as we sell off our old teaching cymbals.

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