The next XYZ Student Concert now confirmed!

Following our last student lead event at the Waterside Theatre, we have been scratching our heads on how to approach the 2018 event. Having enquired for dates at the Waterside Theatre and being told that they are now booked until 2019 (no dates free at all!) We have decided to return to where we first started and hold a family funday at our HQ in Westcott Venture Park. Now that we are more established, we can really make the most of the space we have and give as many students performance opportunities as possible. This applies to both ensemble and solo performance scenarios. More details on this event will be released in the next newsletter. If you feel there is anything that could add another element to this event, then please suggest it to us and we would be happy to try and make it a reality. For now we will release the date for your diaries. Do your best to keep it free!

Date of concert: Sunday the 8th of July

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