XYZ relations strengthen with Trinity College London

Several weeks back I travelled into London to meet with the marketing department for Trinity College London at their global head office. It was situated in the Blue Fin Building (nice!). On the 7th floor, they had a rooftop garden with their very own bar! (how do they get any work done?) Anyway, back to the point… The invite was a result of Trinity seeing what XYZ has achieved with our drum channel (dating back to the Dunx Drum School days of 2012). With nearly 8,000 subscribers and just under 4 MILLION views on our videos makes us THE most watched examination video channel on the planet (smugness at its best). Trinity has encouraged us to continue growing this platform with their new Rock & Pop curriculum and I have made the first steps by filming the entire drum curriculum for our next batch of releases. The grand plan is cover all of the Rock & Pop curriculum and move across to their Classical & Jazz collection. This is all to benefit our students and many others across Europe.

So where am I going with this?

This initial meeting has lead to Trinity College London inviting myself to be a consultant on a panel of top level drummers and percussionists from across the country to help TCL with their curriculum planning phase for the new set of Classical & Jazz and Percussion curriculum. This may lead to the possibility of a drum corp curriculum finally coming to life (one of my dreams as a tutor). This will be an absolute honour for me as TCL have been established as one of the leaders in music exams for nearly 140 years. It’s going to great have a voice for what students at XYZ will be studying in the future!

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