COVID19 Health and Safety reminders

We want to take this opportunity to thank every member of the XYZ family that has adhered to our health and safety measure put in place to protect all students and staff. Recently, we sent out another email just to reiterate certain elements of this policy along with some additions: 

Dear Parents,

As we approach the winter months and a period of potentially increased susceptibility to illness, we would like to remind you of our updated company protocol for lesson attendance, a copy of which is attached to this email.

In order to facilitate and maintain high sanitation standards in our premises and also minimise any incidence of staff absence or pupil sickness, it is important that these precautions are followed as much as possible by everyone who is entering our premises. We are very pleased that we are all back teaching you all in person again, so we are committed to prolonging this situation as much as possible!

Unfortunately, one or two staff sicknesses can quickly put a halt to a lot of tuition. With Government enforced isolation periods for people who exhibit certain general viral symptoms, or those they are in contact with, the scope for effect is broadened hugely. This could mean that large numbers of staff and even pupils end up in precautionary isolation very quickly if only one or two people in either centre become mildly ill, regardless of an actual infection.

With this in mind, we wish to emphasise the following crucial points:

1. Pupils should not attend lessons if with any form of illness (this is a valid reason for a comparatively late cancellation and you will not be charged for the session).

2. Pupils who arrive for a lesson feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of illness will be turned away and will still be charged for the session.

3. Pupils and parents awaiting tuition or collection at one of our teaching centres should not wait in our reception areas unless absolutely necessary. Reception will be closed and tutors will greet pupils at the front door before each lesson. At our Westcott centre, tutors will guide pupils back to the front of the building via the rear exit of the building, in accordance with our one-way access system.

The full list of precautions which we are following at our centres is on the attached document for your further information.

From all of us at XYZ Music Academy, we thank you for your continued support. We are really trying to keep things as fun and productive as possible for everyone, but we hope you can understand that we are also in the position where we have to take responsible actions in consideration to the factors affecting the health and wellbeing of all our staff and pupils. We look forward to more musical fun with everyone soon and in the meantime wish you all good health and happy playing.

XYZ Music Academy

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